Fireworks! Ooooooh! Aaaaaah!

Fireworks are great because they light up the sky with beautiful colors and scare the shit out of dogs and war veterans.

This year, a malfunction caused San Diego’s 18 minute long fireworks display to erupt in approximately 15 seconds.

Folks in Thailand like to up the ante by allowing fireworks to explode 5 feet above their heads.

Officials in Denmark don’t just order a few shells to put on a show for the kiddies, they set the whole fucking fireworks factory on fire.

Cats are Douchebags

Some people claim their cats have “personality”. “Kibbles McShakespeare scratches the shit out of my arms and face because he’s in a grumpy mood. I guess I deserved it.” Bullshit. Cats are jerks, and not just to humans. They bully each other around too, granted it’s much funnier this way.

Men Without Nipples

Meet Ralph. He has no milk nozzles. According to the Mahabharata, this makes Ralph very brave and strong. This is evident by his nagging urge to lift heavy objects and hurl them at camera operators.

Nipple reduction/removal is also a slightly less than common body mod procedure some self-conscious men get, because having no nipples won’t attract attention. They will never be as brave or strong as Ralph, but they may very well be just as retarded.

Tony Q69 – Part 2


Desperate Tony Q-69
Uses His Job to Flirt
With Women All Day!!!
You Womanizer Bastard!!!
Tony Q-69 should not be driving
A Bus At All He Uses This Job to
Have Access To Women All Day
Long so that he eventually will
Fuck, and Molest these women!
He is only look to Score with
Woman! He does not belong with
a MTA position dealing with the
Public what so-ever. More
Supervision of the Bus Drivers is
Needed by the MTA

Tony Q-69 Tony Q-69

Ladies of Queens! Tony Q69 is at it again! If you ride the Q69 through Jackson Heights or Long Island City, beware! You may be tricked into being molested by the driver!

Who ever is putting these flyers up is clearly insane, but it gives me and countless others something entertaining to read while we wait for the bus.